John Hegley

East Riding Theatre, Lord Roberts Road, Beverley
Friday 17 February 2023

Star of radio, T.V. and school assemblies, is coming back to the East Riding Theatre with a clutch of new verses a few older favourites and a cardboard camel with a moving jaw.

The biscuits in the show derived from a phrase used by Romantic Poet, John Keats: 'a scarcity of buiscuit' - not the sort of phrase or spelling you expect from a romantic poet.

The show delves into the more eccentric side of Keats, alongside everyday goings-on in the Hegley homes of now and yesteryear. Includes 7 drawings of elephants, myths, discos, daleks, optional community singing and the search for a sense of self-worth.

Designed more for adults, but suitable for the odd nine-year-old, The show won a 'Lustrum Award' at the Edinburgh Festival 2022, even though there are no biscuits.

“Just because he is one of the funniest men alive does not underestimate his dedicated gentleness”  Adrian Mitchell, New Statesman

“Awesomely mundane” The Independent

£16 / £15 for the 1st 20 tickets
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