Pointing to Poetry

Sunday 20th February - 6:30 pm

Robin Dermond Horspool F.R.S.A. will be sharing his approach to the poetic craft and his Spurn residency in his presentation 'Pointing to Poetry'.    

Robin, born and bred in Yorkshire, is from an artistic and literary family.  Though his busy creative life is centred in art and design, teaching and lecturing, his literary interests are of equal importance, involving some journalism, the publication of a number of local history books with personal connections and an historical novel.  Poetry has also been a significant part of his output from an early age, culminating in a Poetry Residency at Spurn Point in 2017.

He relishes the delights of the English language as a vehicle for expressing life’s subtleties and humours.  He finds the disciplined freedom of creating poetry, whether traditional or modern, particularly in keeping with his search for the truth of the subject and the adventure it offers. 

If you'd like to find out more about the venue, Cafe Velo, visit them online at: www.facebook.com/cafvelo/

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